Explosion of New Life + An Unexpected Visit

Oh, friends, I wish you could be here today! We’ve had an explosion of new life on Ten 10 Farm! It’s more than one heart can hold, so I just have to share this with you!


Two mama ducks were nesting side by side right outside our front door, and this morning, they took their newly hatched babies for a walk around our house!


I counted 25 ducklings in all! I have no idea if they know whose babies are whose, but one thing I’ve learned about these mama ducks: they know exactly how to care for their babies and don’t need my help. It’s amazing to see their protective and care taking instincts kick right in.


Farm life has taught us that there will be some loss, but for today, we are rejoicing in the abundance of life! And to think that we still have five more mama ducks sitting on their eggs! Once again, our farm feels so perfectly named: Ten 10 Farm after John 10:10. {I have come that you might have life and have it to the full!}



Speaking of life, we experienced another kind of abundant life yesterday when our next door neighbors from Houston visited our farm unexpectedly. He was in Nashville for business; she joined him at the very last minute. {Minor miracle considering she had to coordinate childcare for their five boys in only a few hours! And during baseball season no less!} Their arrival felt like a divine appointment. Have you ever experienced that? Where God sends someone at just the right time? I didn’t realize how much we needed that visit until they came.

A visit to our farm usually takes people’s breath away. The animals, the beauty of the land, the historic road that leads to our farm, the feasts my husband prepares, and the invisible but felt presence of the Lord make this a life giving place for sure. But this visit was different. These friends seemed to have come as life givers themselves…bringing even more life to our farm.

As we prayed, laughed, shared stories and feasted together, my heart was full of joy and wonder. I was a mix of tears and chills and giddiness. I remember sitting around our table in Houston almost eight years ago, sharing food and wine, and inviting them to come to a Love and Respect study in our home. They had never done anything like that, but they said yes. And God did the rest. {God can do so much with a yes! He transformed their marriage and family because of that yes.} And now here they were, sitting at our table in Franklin all these years later, breathing new life into our marriage when we needed it most. Only God. We thought we had found our forever home when we moved into our dream house next door to those neighbors. Turns out, we had found forever friends. Only God could write this kind of story!

Much love and life to you today,

Linsey signature 100pix

P.S. If your heart needs a life giving farm visit, a Beauty Hunting Retreat might be just the thing, and I’ve got one coming up. It’s about so much more than photography. Sure, I’ll teach you some things, but the best part is the way God comes for your heart in ways I can’t plan or explain. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself!

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{RSVP through the farm website if you’d like to come.}


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  • Marjorie Dineen - Oh, what adorable babies! And so many. What a Momma! Welcome spring in all its glory that God has brought and the joy that it has brought to you heart.

    Love, MargieReplyCancel

  • Sherry - Beautiful, touching pictures of all your new babies! I think I have to Pin them all! We do have an awesome God! I love all your stories and photography! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Gracia @ Gracious Offering - Linsey,
    Your photos of the ducklings were simply beautiful…as always! Yes, I can relate to your “divine appointment”…friends that contact us or visit at just the right time. We have friends coming to stay tomorrow night from our years in Alaska…hoping our visit will be sweet and life giving as well. (P.S. We also love the Love and Respect video series…have shared it several times with others). Happy weekend to you and yours!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy - What a beautiful story. I’m so happy your friends were able to spend time with you. What a joy!ReplyCancel

  • Linda - Your duck population is exploding! Wish I could be around to witness these mamas and their babies. I know you enjoyed having your surprise Houston visitors.ReplyCancel

  • katey - Friends like this are the best gift ever. What a wonderful blessing!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dikola - Rejoicing with you!ReplyCancel

  • Julie - I gasped out loud when I saw those precious ducklings following their proud mamas. How exciting! So glad to hear about the special visit from friends… God is so incredibly good and His timing reminds us that He truly works all things together for good for those who love Him!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth - Don’t you love when God parts the clouds and let’s His SON shine. So incredibly happy for you Precious Linsey.ReplyCancel