Sparkle and Shine

This is the day the Lord has made, and if you ask me, it’s one of the best days He’s made yet! Not only has sunshine replaced the snow, but our own radiant light is 12 years old today! I think we’re all made to shine in some way or another, but some seem to have a little extra sparkle from the get go. That’s our Laura Finley!


We call her our “sparkle and shine.” She couldn’t hide her God-given glory if she tried! One look into those bright blue eyes and you can see what God sees in all of His children. She shines like the stars in the sky! {Philippians 2:15}


And as if her God-given glory weren’t enough, she likes to add that extra flair through fashion, accessories, hairstyling, makeup…things her mama didn’t teach her. She’s a photo shoot waiting to happen most days, and while I still don’t let her walk out of the house in her “full glory,” I love the way she expresses herself and has discovered what she loves despite my weakness in her areas of strength. Isn’t it amazing how people are born with specific strengths and gifts?


You were made to sparkle and shine. Your radiance reflects the One who made you in the most glorious, fabulous way. But this world doesn’t always know what to do with your kind of glory. This world tells you to fit in, settle down, be more like someone else. It tells you to work harder and to climb this or that mountain when the truth is, you were made to move mountains! Look out, world, you have a mountain mover in your midst! She doesn’t fit in your box, follow your rules or stay inside your lines. She’s a Bravehearted Beauty who is meant to SHINE!


I love your kind of shine, Laura Finley. I love your zeal for life and the way you make everyday feel like a celebration. {I know you’d like to bake cupcakes from scratch every single day, and I hope you get to someday!} You have a fire burning inside of you, a passion and purpose all your own; and my hope and prayer is that no lie of the enemy, no scheme of man, and no obstacle or hardship in this world will dull your sparkle and shine.


This daughter of mine has been teaching me to fight for life since the day she was born. And on the days when I’m not feeling as fully alive as I’d like to, one look at her reminds me that abundant life is worth the fight. She is worth the fight.

I love you, my Sparkle and Shine daughter!





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  • paige - happy birthday laura finley
    one of the most beautiful young ladies i’ve ever seen

  • Jennifer Camp - Happy Birthday to your radiant and beautiful girl!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Happy birthday beautiful one!ReplyCancel

  • Patti - Beautiful! Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing God’s love.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Happy, happy, happiest of birthdays to your sweet daughter. May this new year shine as brightly as she does!!!ReplyCancel