Morning Glory + Hello Summer

Hello Bravehearted Beauties! How’s your brave and beautiful heart today? Mine is bursting with joy because we’re only a day away from our family’s favorite season: S U M M E R !

YeeeeeeeeeHAW!!! {I bet my family can hear that one all the way from Tennessee to Texas!}


Call me crazy, but I love a schedule-free summer. Always have. Camps and activities have never been our thing…even when we lived in the heart of the city where jam-packed schedules were all the rage. For years, we didn’t have the money for all those extras. Down time at home was free, and we all grew to enjoy it. Yes, we drove each other crazy at times, but that’s part of doing life as a family together…going crazy and falling back in love all in the same day! {Side note: boredom and long stretches of unscheduled time sparks incredible creativity.}


We’ll enjoy some fun visits with family this summer, but our main thing each summer is hanging out at home. Longer days, later dinners and last minute s’mores with anyone who wants to come. The farm isn’t exactly a vacation when you have animals to care for and a pasture to mow, but the beauty is as life-giving to us as any place on earth. Honestly, we don’t really dream of going places unless it involves visiting family. {That’s a homebody for ya!}


Maybe that sounds old fashioned and too sticky sweet for some, but it’s who we are. For us, it feels just right. And for you, I hope you get to do whatever feels right for your family. I love hearing about all the escapades of more adventurous souls, so feel free to share your stories and discoveries!


One thing I’ll miss about the school year: the forced early morning wake up time that allows me to see God’s early morning glory. I’m not a morning person, so without school, I’m not likely to see the early morning light again until August. {Steam rising off the pond on a chilly morning is my favorite!}


How about you? Do you like summer? Any favorite traditions or rhythms? Do you like to make plans, pack as much adventure in as possible, travel and explore, or hang at home?

Wishing you so much joy in whatever you do,

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P.S. In celebration of summer and a friend’s new faith in Jesus, I invited the ladies in my small group out for breakfast and pedicures today. Only my third pedicure in the last three years and maybe my first ever “group of girlfriends” pedicure outing. I’m more of a one-on-one person, but I just have to say: it was such a sweet time! I highly recommend it. So BE BRAVE! Gather a few women {even if you haven’t known them long} and go get your toes painted a bright, happy, out of character color!

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  • Dianne - Unlike you, I don’t like summer. I live on the coast and the tourist come in mid May till August. The heat and humidity coupled with all the strangers in our small coastal town is just not fun. I prefer winter after the holiday when the earth is still and we are too. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • katey - Amen!! Summer is the best thing for families! Beautiful photos of your farm. and I had a pedi with two girlfriends last week and it was the first in many years and the first with friends and it was super fun. Have a great summer. KateyReplyCancel

  • Karen T. - Like you, I’m also not a morning person. However as a TN girl, summers are not my favorite with the almost unbearable (to me) heat and humidity. I prefer spring and fall. Then, I’m middle-of-the road and like a mix of travel & adventure and then some hanging out at home, too. The pictures of your farm are quite beautiful! I would love to hang out in such peaceful surroundings. Have a wonderful summer!ReplyCancel