A Family Trip To Italy | The Beauty of My People

What good is beauty if you experience it all alone? Even God wanted to share the beauty He created. {And He chose us!} My heart beats with God’s in that way. I love beauty, and I love sharing it. So thank you, Bravehearted Beauties, for sharing in the beauty of Italy with me these last few posts. And for showing up here again and again to see what beauty can be found in every kind of place…even the broken places.


Italy is a beautiful place. But ultimately, beauty makes a place worth visiting; people make a place worth remembering. Particularly your people. {Which is why home can be every bit as beautiful as any vacation spot.} Even more than the artistic and architectural details, the hilltop villages and dramatic coastlines, here’s why I loved Italy:










Was it a perfect vacation? No. People aren’t perfect, so as long as you’re with people {including yourself}, you can bet it will be imperfect. But that’s part of the beauty…the imperfection.


As I practice beauty hunting in everyday life, here’s one thing I’ve learned: just as you can find beauty in broken places, you can find beauty in broken people. We’re all broken people. And we’re all absolutely BEAUTIFUL. When you learn to embrace the beauty in your own brokenness, you become even better at embracing it in others.


If we saw ourselves and each other through God’s eyes, it would take our breath away. Even more so than the dramatic coastline of Positano. You are that stunning!

Here’s to seeing beauty in people today!

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P.S. My sister loves Italy, but her family made a wise decision to pass on this trip. I can’t even imagine trying to take in all that beauty with three little boys in tow…much less navigate the crowds and scooters, walk all day, and then the long, lingering meals that last late into night. Hard even for a superhero mom like my sister. But we can’t wait to see them here on the farm next month!

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