Cousins On The Farm

How cute are these cousins?!?!


This is more like it…


always in motion!




Surely farms were made for little boys!

These three cuties slowed down just long enough to give the sweetest hugs and kisses several times a day while I laid on the couch with a newly broken ankle. One put a bandaid on me, and another said, “Want me to snuggle you a little bit?” He leaned in close, smelling like the barn, and rubbed my head with his dirty little hands. Made my day!




Sadly, we had to cut our visit short. An immobile auntie who can’t risk getting bumped or knocked doesn’t make the best hostess for toddler boys…or the best photographer. I didn’t get to take a single shot while they were here. But then again, the sweetest moments weren’t ones I could’ve photographed anyway.

Real life with real people isn’t what you see in social media. It’s all kinds of messy and imperfect. It’s full of sweetness and chaos. It’s broken bones and frustrations and meltdowns…right alongside hugs and kisses and snuggles. And when you realize these are the people who know your crazy and will drive 13 hours to be with you in your crazy…that’s real love. I can’t think of anything sweeter.

With a full heart and an aching ankle,

Linsey signature 100pix



P.S. I can’t help but wonder if part of my recovery during this whole ankle break ordeal has something to do with not being able to whip my house into shape after every mess. In fact, I can’t even see most of the mess. I spend the entire day in one spot and couldn’t clean a thing even if I wanted to! Here’s all I know for sure: God is healing more than a broken bone. He’s always doing a deeper thing that what we can see!



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  • Jennifer - So sorry to hear you broke your ankle. I hope it heals quickly for you, but until then, rest and enjoy the beautiful view your farm provides. Take care.ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - I think I may be experiencing some of the same things right now. I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme and my energy has left me, which means I spend my days in bed focusing on getting better, leaving my ‘normal’ life in God’s hands, and trying to allow myself help from wonderful friends reaching out to me. Normally I am the one taking care of others! This is SO frustrating to me! However, this time is an opportunity to evaluate my ‘normal’ life and ask God to show me what changes need to be made.ReplyCancel