Beauty Hunting Retreat Goodness


Friday’s Beauty Hunting Retreat was divine. And I mean that. There’s no way I could create this on my own. The extravagant beauty, the beautiful weather and the specific group of women who gathered here…all God’s doing.


Something magical happens as we walk around the farm hunting for beauty. I literally see women come alive. Even those who arrive quiet, reserved and introverted {I’m right there with you; it takes every prayer I’ve got to step out of my comfort zone and invite you into my space} leave with a radiance and energy about them.


A number of women have told me they’d love to come to a Beauty Hunting Retreat someday. I know distance is an issue for some, but most of what holds us back is fear. Our fears are as numerous as the stars in the sky, but what if we let our fears point us forward instead of holding us back? What if we stepped into the things we fear instead of avoiding them?


I have all kinds of fears about hosting these retreats, but with each little step of faith, beautiful things happen…for me and for you. If you’re afraid of coming to a Beauty Hunting Retreat because you don’t know a thing about photography, come on! If you’re afraid of coming because you don’t know anyone and don’t like new situations, come on! Take that small leap of faith. I promise you won’t sink into a pit once you get here. If anything, you’ll be lifted up and inspired. I’ve seen it happen with each woman who comes. So by faith, I believe the same will happen for you.


I don’t have any future dates scheduled just yet, but if there’s an interest, I’ll get something on the calendar this summer. Maybe June? Email me if you’re interested. {And yes, introverts, this invitation is for you, too! Beauty Hunting is perfect for your personality. Takes one to know!}


We’d love to share our little piece of heaven with you. If Beauty Hunting isn’t your thing, stay tuned for the next Family Farm Day. {I posted a few photos on the farm Facebook page.} We’ll do that again for sure! It’s another way to share abundant life, and that’s what Ten 10 Farm is all about!

Happy Monday to you, brave and beautiful ones!

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P.S. Did I mention the food?!?! {I’m pretty sure my husband is a chef in training for the heavenly feast!} One of my favorite moments of the retreat was when one of the women looked at the lunch my husband set down in front of her and exclaimed, “This isn’t normal! Nothing about this is normal!” That’s exactly what we hope you’ll feel when you come for a Beauty Hunting Retreat! We hope it will be a retreat from normal and maybe even a taste of heaven!


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  • katey - I love the kitty in the log! Awesome pictures!!!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - We will meet in person one of these days, Linsey…

    Your retreat sounds fantastic. : )

  • Val - The other morning I felt prompted to read Matthew 13. The word ‘abundance’ lept up at me especially having followed your blog recently. I re-read that chapter renewed and the words of Isaiah quoted in it resonated ‘…and I would heal them’. Thank you for the healing brought about by your photos and thoughts.ReplyCancel