Welcome to Bravehearted Beauty! I’m Linsey, beauty hunter and lover of words, citygirl turned farmgirl, mother of two beautifully different daughters, and wife to the best sports chiropractor/farmboy ever. I was born and raised in the heart of Houston, went to Vanderbilt, and came back home with no desire to live anywhere else…until God put a dream in our hearts. In 2012, we took a huge leap of faith, left all that was familiar in Houston, and moved to a small farm in Franklin, Tennessee. 

As I write, there are usually chickens on the porch, barn cats on the window sill, ducks in the pond, big dogs lounging in the pasture and a puppy nipping at my feet. There’s mud on my boots, dirt on the floor, morning dishes in the sink and laundry piled high. The clean and orderly life we used to live? We left that in Houston and have been learning to embrace the mess ever since.

It turns out that our real mess isn’t the visible, dirty stuff in our houses; it’s the stuff we hide in our hearts. Striving for perfection and order was my way of trying to control and cover my mess. But when we moved, the mess was too much…in the house and in my heart. Through heartache and struggle, I finally surrendered. And that’s when I began to see the beauty in brokenness. It’s a gift I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Life is both beauty and brokenness, and as I learn to hold both in my heart, freedom follows. No need to strive, drive, perfect, perform, control, protect and prevent. That wasn’t the real me anyway! But wait, if I’m not a firstborn-type A-perfectionist, who am I? At age 39, in the midst my brokenness {and a dreary winter depression}, I asked God. And this is what He called me: Bravehearted Beauty.

A new name for the new thing He’s doing in me! And so a new blog was born. A place for finding beauty in brokenness…a place to chase after freedom and life. A place to embrace the Bravehearted Beauty in me…and to call out the Bravehearted Beauty in you. Because I get the feeling this name isn’t just for me. Dear friends, I bet you’re far more brave and beautiful than you could ever imagine! Will you follow along and find out? Let’s go, Bravehearted Beauties!

Honored you are here,

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