Wielding My Sword As A Beauty Hunter

Hello Bravehearted Beauties! With a name like that, I’m thinking we all need to find a sword! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Maybe a French antique one with exquisite engraving and a monogram! We’ll raise our swords as a declaration of life and freedom while riding white horses in long flowing gowns and wearing crowns upon our heads!


Does that sound like a fairytale or what?!?! Well, I’ve been thinking lately…about the sword I raise to fight for life. Have you ever thought about the ways you fight for life? The ways you choose to see beauty in brokenness? The ways you cling to hope in the midst of struggle? The ways you bravely move toward the light in dark places? Could it be that these are the ways you wield your sword?


Last week, I was talking to this deep hearted blog friend about why we do what we do on our blogs. She’s an incredible writer, inspired by the heart of God, so her affirmations of my writing carried the weight of gold. But then she spoke of the breathtaking beauty she finds here. And I shared my frustration and fear. I’ve been told by more than a handful of people that the beauty I share is intimidating…that I am intimidating. What’s a bravehearted beauty hunter to do with that? Stop sharing beauty? I’ve been tempted to quit more than a handful of times. But as I voiced the heart behind my love of beauty to my new friend, a fire began to rise in me…a conviction about why I must share beauty.




Beauty hunting is the way I wield my sword. Every time I pick up my camera, it feels like a defiant act. Why? Because we live in a broken world where beauty is often veiled by layers of heartache, struggle, exhaustion and hopelessness. It takes a brave heart to trust that you’ll find beauty no matter where you look, and no matter what the circumstances. For me, beauty hunting in unexpected places or amidst unlikely circumstances has become a life giving, life saving act. Beauty hunting is more about the LIFE beauty brings than the beauty itself.


If you knew all the stories behind my fight for life and beauty, you’d know what a defiant act it really is. And I’m betting the same is true for you. That’s why I like to share beauty and story…to encourage you to wield your sword and fight for life and light in the darkness. It doesn’t matter whether you wield your sword with a camera, with a song, with a phone call to a friend, or by simply getting out of bed and choosing to look out the window instead of shutting down and shutting everything out. However you wield your sword is infinitely significant.




There’s always a backstory behind the beauty I share here. And the backstory is rarely as pretty as the pictures. That’s the point, my friends: to see beauty in the brokenness. The photos I’m sharing with you today were taken when my eyes were blurry from months of tears. It was hard to see that day. My heart was hurting {redemption and healing is happening, and I look forward to sharing in time}. But today, what I want you to know is that hunting for beauty in brokenness brings LIFE.


There’s something else you need to know: hunting for beauty when your life is hurting isn’t faking it. It’s actually one of the most courageous, defiant things you can do in the face of brokenness. I’ve tried all sorts of cover-ups, performance methods and avoidance tactics to numb, control or avoid pain and brokenness, but the bravest thing I’ve done is let the hurting places break wide open. Who knew I’d find beauty there? And friends, when you lean to find beauty in brokenness, you can find beauty anywhere. You won’t be able to not see beauty! {I’m pretty sure that last sentence defies all of my English major training and perfectionism! All the more reason to leave it!}




I know not all of you are photographers, but we all have a sword…a way of fighting for life and defying the darkness. Can you think of a way you wield your sword? Can you picture what your sword might be? Are you willing to believe that you have a sword at all? I know…it’s hard to believe you could be a daughter of the King who’s been given a sword when you feel anything but royal, valiant and created for a purpose. But would you dare to believe with me today? I’ll take the lead on my horse and raise my sword on your behalf. Come along, and we’ll find your sword, too!

With all of my brave and beauty loving heart,

Linsey signature 100pix




P.S. I’m beginning to believe this is true: that to give and share the beauty I find is to live; to withhold it is to perish. I choose LIFE! If I stop sharing beauty here, someone come check my pulse!

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  • dana - What beautiful bravery! Giving has always been about life. Christ gave ALL so that we could have LIFE! I so enjoy seeing the beauty that you that you seek out. Keep on sharing❤️ReplyCancel

  • Christine - Your message is so timely. Brokenness was the focus of church service this week. It was an incredible, powerful, impactful message of vulnerability. And maybe *I* was there…not just to hear and apply to myself, but to share it with you too. I hope you’ll make time for it…through to the end of the video.


  • Gracia @ Gracious Offering - Oh, Linsey, your words are so true! It is so often out of brokenness that we see the beauty that really matters. Not the things that media and the world around us consider beautiful, but sometimes just the small smile, that small nod, that glimpse of the sunrise, that helps us make it through another day. Some days are bursting with beauty, others it takes a real hunt…or perhaps God hunts us down to reveal himself. Thank you, thank you…you are not intimidating, at least not to me. You’ve been a great example to me of wielding your sword through your camera and through your blog posts. I’m thankful for you. Blessings to you and your lovely family, dear blog friend.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - I am an introvert and can be easily intimidated, but NEVER by you. I stumbled upon your blog a long time ago and ALWAYS look forward to finding a new post. You are kind, welcoming, and uplifting to me (a complete stranger) far, far away. You’ve inspired me to look for God’s beauty in a place I find it difficult to see. I’ve never thought before about having a sword but I knew instantly what it would be. Music. Uplifting Christian music. It plays through my car speakers every day and my small UGO speaker here at work. It drowns out the dismal news and the talk radio noise. It is my sword. Keep smiling and writing. Your words often say what I feel in my heart, but what my 47-year-old-high-school-diploma brain would never be able to put down on paper. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Best wishes to you and your family. ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Camp - Brave warrior, freedom-fighter! I love how you wield your sword! I am so thankful for you!!

    Much love to you this Thanksgiving week as you hunt down and claim beauty!


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  • tg - your site was forwarded to be by a friend, joyce. i’m glad she did. i could feel my body relax into your incredible photos. i’m also going to forward to those i know. thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

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