The Road Home is a Golden Tunnel

Hello Bravehearted Beauties! Wow. Three weeks since I’ve written anything here. Aside from a few posts on Facebook, it seems that I fell off a cliff. Truth be told, I kinda did. Not the kind you might imagine. Not depression or broken bones. Nothing life threatening, though sometimes hard things feel like they’re going to kill you. The truth is, life hurts on this side of heaven. But today, I’m very much revived! God broke through in a miraculous way, and I’m honestly a little giddy with wonder and thanksgiving.


But that’s a story for another time. Or maybe just a story for the pages of my personal journal. We’ll see. On this last day of October, I’m here to share the beauty that has rescued and revived my heart on the drive home this week. For just a brief time each year, the road home transforms into a golden tunnel. Our golden tunnel was gray and wet most of the week, but when the sun popped out, I grabbed my camera and came back to capture it.


The Road Home is a Golden Tunnel. When I posted one of these photos with that caption, a friend said it sounded like a book title. My mind immediately turned to things I’ve not yet seen but sometimes dare to imagine: the road that leads to our heart’s true home. I imagine it’s far more glorious than the golden tunnel I’ve traveled through this week. For this world, even at its peak of glory, is only a veiled hint of what our souls were made to enjoy.


There’s always a backstory to beauty hunting. And the backstory isn’t always pretty. In fact, it’s usually not. But it always ends in beauty. It’s out of the broken places that I have learned to wield my sword and fight for life most fiercely. The broken places drive me to look for the beauty, and God never fails to reveal it. Seek and you shall find!


You might remember that I didn’t learn to hunt for beauty on back country roads in a picturesque small town. God taught my eyes to see His glory in the middle of a concrete jungle! So no matter where you are today, if your heart needs a rescue, hunt for some beauty. I promise it’s there…even in the most hidden, broken or unexpected places!



Every day and every place has a beauty all its own.

Let’s go find it!

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  • Gail Sciortino - Hi,
    New to ur blog. I’d love to be able to live in the south. Calif isn’t good. I was wondering, are the summers really HUMID in Franklin? We have dry heat here…
    Nice blog 🙂
    Gail S.ReplyCancel