Saying Yes to More


Hello Bravehearted Beauties! Welcome to my winter view on the farm. It feels like we’ve had more than our fair share of dreary days this season…and lots of cold with only a few flurries. {Come on snow!} Wishing I could turn to the right and see your shining face sitting across from me! Friends and a hot cup of something make all the difference on days like this. And so does good counseling, healing prayer and a sun light! After experiencing the darkness of depression during our first two winters here, I’m celebrating the fact that I’m living in the light…even on the grayest of days. It feels really good to say that. Thank you, God!

So, the truth is, I have no idea what to write about today. I don’t even have a title at the moment, but hope to when I finish! All I know is I need to write. I’ve learned that when God says write, it’s usually a good idea to sit down and see what He wants to do through words. After resisting His nudge for the last 12 days, here I am. And I’m so glad you’re here, too. Let’s see what He has for us.


I’m a little hesitant to tell you what I’ve heard God whisper to my heart this year, but I feel like I’m supposed to speak it…to make it known. It feels a little scary because there’s a very real risk of failure on my part, but I believe there’s power in bringing hidden things into the light…in making them known and giving them a voice. It just might give some needed strength to the whisper deep inside.

So what is it God’s whispering to my heart? Write.

Write what, God? He didn’t give me all the answers I was looking for {those come as you trust Him with one step at a time}, but I know that writing is life-giving for me…and He’s shown me that my words are surprisingly life-giving for others, too. And if there’s one thing I know I want to be about, it’s bringing more life and light into the world…through beauty, words…whatever ways God asks me to do it. I love partnering with Him to bring more life and light!

When I first heard the whisper, I wanted to point out to God that I’m already writing…as if He didn’t know! I’ve been writing a blog since 2009; I’ve been filling the pages of lined journals since elementary school; and every now and then, I still write an old fashioned letter or note and mail it. {Surely that counts double these days!}

So I’m writing, Lord. What do you mean write? And that’s when I sensed what He was really asking: write more. Where Lord? Everywhere. Here on the blog, in my journal, anywhere. Write more days a week. More of your story. More of your heart.


I didn’t want to ask anymore questions. What if He asks me to write a book?!?! Or many books?!?!

Oh, good LORD! I’ve already sensed that’s part of my calling. But every time God begins to whisper the book idea {often through other people}, I give Him a long list of excuses…as if He would fall for them! Sorry, God, but I don’t know what to write about unless you give me the title, table of contents and a detailed outline. {And not once have I given Him the chance.} And God, don’t You know there are enough good books, enough great writers, enough people out there telling their stories. Surely the world doesn’t need another. {Like I know what the world needs.} And by the way, God, I don’t have a clue how the whole publishing thing works…and I’m not sure I want to learn anything new right now. {Doubting he knows how to lead me.} And in case you didn’t know God, I’m small potatoes. I’m not exactly one of those rockstar bloggers with a big following whose book will be an instant best seller. {A lame excuse to the God who loves to use small, unexpected people to do brave and beautiful things.} It all sounds too hard, too time consuming, too much like a recipe for failure. I’m not your girl, God.

And that’s where God stops me. YOU ARE MY GIRL.

I blink hard and take a deep breath to release the lump in my throat.

Yes, God. I am Your girl. And I want to be Your “yes girl,” so if You say write more, I trust that it will be a sweet time…even if it’s only meant for Your eyes and mine. Even if we just talk to each other that way. If writing more means deeper intimacy with You, God, I say yes. Because that’s what I really want this year: more of You.


What do you want this year, Bravehearted Beauties? What are you asking God? And what might He be asking you? What is the MORE that He has for you? Will you dare to say yes? Will you be brave and speak it? I hope so! If you feel crazy saying it out loud, chances are, it’s exactly what you’re called to do. If it feels too big for your small self, you’re on the right track! Let’s be brave together and say YES to whatever God whispers to us this year. I’m with you! He’s with you!

Saying yes with all of my brave and beautiful heart,

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P.S. I know the title of the post now: Saying Yes to More. And just like that, the words came to someone who had no clue what to write today. I hope they blessed you, too.

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  • Jennifer Camp - Of course I loved every bit of your words here! Yes, keep leaning in! So good! Love to you, Linsey, as you listen and trust and write!ReplyCancel

  • Diane - Linsey,

    What a wonderful and inspirational post. I, for one love your writing – your honesty, vulnerability and optimism shed such a sense of compassion and acceptance. I always leave your blog thinking about your words and how they are meant to be used in my life. Thank you for being you !ReplyCancel

  • Amy Kinser - So maybe the name of your book is going to be “Being a Yes Girl”. I do have to say that my heart started racing when I read those words from your post about saying “yes”. Like a Holy Spirit filled heart racing…

    I love you!ReplyCancel

  • Sherry - Oh yes, keep on writing girl! I so enjoy each of your writings and your pictures too! So inspirational. Blessings to you!ReplyCancel

  • Cynthia Shomaker - I don’t remember how I found you, but I wept when I read your bravery in moving to Tn. It deeply stirred something in me, and knit me to you as kindred sisters in Him. I, too, write… someone even paid to self publish a devotional study I did for a small group… but, I, too, struggle with the how & why He could pour His Beauty through my pen. Wish I could take a long walk with you on that beautiful, blessed farm to lift one another up and share stories. As it is, I celebrate your open heart & ask for mighty, anointed, healing words to be placed in your heart & translated through your pen. Keep on. WRITE.ReplyCancel

  • Gracia @ Gracious Offering - Linsey, first of all, your writing via your blog is an encouragement to me and I many others, I’m sure. I so appreciate your honest, authentic, real sharing of your heart and life with us. I will pray that God leads you a step at a time into His dream for you and open the doors that only He can open (Rev3:7-8). I can relate to your struggles in a very small way, as my blog readership is small and just when I think to myself, Why am I doing this?, I get an encouraging comment to continue. May you be obedient to God’s leading in your life. We are for you! Warmly, Gracia
    P.S. Have you discovered Timothy Willard? I’m reading his devotional book Longing For More, and his post today titled Beauty Unexpected made me think of you :).ReplyCancel

  • emi - I, too, agree with those who commented…yes, write! I always enjoy reading the words given to you & seeing the visions of beauty captured through your lens. I will also share that this post was an answered prayer. The other evening before going to sleep I was catching up on blog readings. Just before I clicked to see your blog, I prayed that God would allow there to be a new post from you. So you can imagine the joy I felt, and to hear you say that you are living in the light. You have been in my thoughts on these frigid, cloudy TN days. Sending love to you! Yay!!!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - DO IT!

    You’ve already encouraged me the same way on my blog (thank you!). Now the tables are turned! Let’s push our excuses aside this year and let Him take the reins, okay? I’m in it with you! Every uncomfortable, exciting, surrendered step of the way…


  • Battle With Me? » Bravehearted Beauty - […] God and use the gifts He’s given me. So of course I’ve felt opposed ever since I said yes to writing more. Saying yes to your calling {and yes to anything that brings life and light} is dangerous […]ReplyCancel