Good Books For The Second Half

In Super Bowl language, 40 feels a bit like halftime. As a former athlete and sports lover, I could take that ball and run with it, drawing comparisons all day long. But this isn’t a sports blog, and pep talks aren’t what we really need. Perspective and skin in the game…living and learning. That’s what matters most.

I think one of the greatest gifts the second half of life offers is the opportunity to live more fully and authentically. It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about becoming more of who God made us to be and living freely from that place of true identity.

But sometimes we need a little encouragement along the way, so I thought I’d share a few books that will invite you into a more authentic and abundant second half:


Falling Upward


Becoming Myself


The Relational Soul


Daring Greatly


Abba’s Child

I’m sure these books are great for any season of life {Abba’s Child rescued me almost 20 years ago}, but they speak especially well to my freedom loving 40-year-old self! The trick to reading all these words at 40: glasses! I’m finally admitting that I need them; now I just need to wear them!

I’d love to know: what books are inspiring you right now? 

Happy weekend!

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