The Angel That Troubled The Waters

Hello Bravehearted Beauties! I have something different for you today: a reading of The Angel That Troubled The Waters. It’s a one-act play written by Thornton Wilder in 1928, and I think it holds some rich treasures for us today. {I forgot how much I enjoy reading plays!}


In summary, a physician comes to a healing pool hoping to be cured of his melancholy. The pain in his heart is too much for him, and he wants to be free of it. The angel comes to stir waters, but tells the physician that healing isn’t intended for him today. It sounds heartbreaking until you hear the reason. {If there were more to this play, I’m believing we’d see the physician embrace the power of his pain and ultimately, receive his healing. I love to imagine how a story ends!}


The Angel That Troubled The Waters.


{I found the script here.}

My favorite lines:

thornton wilderPINIT


thornton wilder 2PINIT

Talk about a perspective change! There is purpose and power in our pain. Have you ever thought of your pain that way? What if we embraced that power and gave it away more freely? What if we could be honest about our pain, without fear that it would sink or shame us? What if we believed our wounds have the potential to bring healing?

In response to The Angel That Troubled The Waters, Brennan Manning wrote this in Abba’s Child {one of my all-time favorite books}:

“If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others….But when we dare to live as forgiven men and women, we join the wounded healers and draw closer to Jesus.”

Who is willing to be a wounded healer? Who is willing to trust that light will shine out of darkness? Who dares to believe that there is beauty in brokenness? Only the bravehearted. And you, my friends, are the bravehearted. Yes, you.


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P.S. Need a song? Listen to Though You Slay Me with John Piper layered on top. Bravehearted Beauties, your pain is producing a particular glory. And you won’t miss out on it…even if you can’t see it right now. The healing waters are being stirred for you.

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  • Rene' Taylor - Thank you Linsey!

    I appreciate you sharing these inspiring words of wisdom. It helped me in my time of pain. I am recovering from surgery and your healing thoughts and words were very helfpful to me today. I have four dogs. Three Poms and a Yorkie. Most of the dogs I have rescued and in turn they have rescued me at times by warning that danger was close or hearing things and letting me know things when I did not know. My little guardians and forever friends. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your dogs. Someone told me the other day at least if I am still in pain I an still alive. I thanked God for another day. I am happy I found your Blog. I was reading tongue and Cheek blog and saw your l blog one day so I signed up. Thanks again, Rene’ReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - I am so glad that any words I write ors peak would be used to bring you healing, but so sorry for the pain of surgery and recovery. I know that pain, too. I love what you said about your rescue dogs. That you rescued them in their need…and they, in turn, have rescued you. I think that’s what we can do for each other if we’re willing to be needy and vulnerable. Beautiful.ReplyCancel

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