A Family Trip To Italy | Starting in Florence

Hello Bravehearted Beauties! How are you?!?! I’m back on the farm and very happy to be here! I’m happier at home than any place in the world…even though coming home means farm duties in the heat, endless piles of laundry and who knows what else. The truth is, I rarely crave a vacation and would probably stay home all year if it weren’t for more adventurous family members. I’m thankful for them…and thankful for the extravagant and abundant beauty I was able to enjoy because of their adventurous spirits!







I wasn’t planning on a trip to Italy this year. My dream for the last decade has been to return to Provence. {France captured my heart right out of high school, and Provence has inspired our way of living more than any other place.} In fact, I started my business a decade ago in hopes that we’d use the extra income to return to Provence. But there were always other things, and I’ve never been one to prioritize travel. I’m far too practical…and happy at home.






But I have an adventurous mom who loves Italy and a dad who’s great at pulling the trigger. So they planned a month-long trip and invited us to join them for a portion of it. Would you believe I said yes, then no, then yes? Long story. But who says no to Italy?!?! Like France, it’s full of beauty and inspiration. And the food! {It’s also known as Eataly. It feels like that’s all I did! And even with all the walking and beauty hunting, I still came home with 5 extra pounds. Two gelatos a day, grazie!}








Wherever I go, I’m always on the hunt for beauty. And of course, it’s not hard to find in a place like Italy. It’s an interesting combination of God’s glorious creation and man’s wondrous addition to the natural surroundings. And what I love best is that so much of the beauty is old and crumbling and imperfect. A reminder that beauty and brokenness really do go together. 





I remain convinced that beauty is God’s love language all around the world. Whether you’re in a place like Italy where the beauty is abundant and visible at every turn…or in a place where the beauty seems sparse and veiled, it’s always worth the hunt. Because beauty rescues, refreshes and revives the heart like nothing else.

Beauty hunting at sunrise.





More than museums, galleries and organized tours, I love capturing the beauty of a place while roaming freely outside in all different kinds of light. Early morning light is clear and crisp, while evening light is soft and rich. {Full midday sun is harsh and shadowy, so you just have to choose your shots a little more carefully. Look for pockets of shade…or turn that aperture setting way up.}

Beauty hunting just after sunset.


Dusk is such a peaceful time of day anywhere in the world.



A few minutes after I captured those last few shots, the lights popped on.


The desire of my heart in sharing vacation photos isn’t to show off where we’ve been, but to inspire you with beauty. Maybe there’s an element of Italian beauty that will speak straight to your heart in a particular way? Or maybe there’s a way to incorporate a slower pace into your life this very day? Maybe today you’ll notice the way the sun sets in your hometown, see the beauty in something old and broken, enjoy a glass of wine, take your time over an extra long meal with friends. If nothing else, may the beauty you see here inspire you to hunt for beauty right where you are.

At the end of the day, everyday beauty is the very best kind!

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P.S. If you ever find yourself in Florence, eat at one of Fabio Picchi’s restaurants. He’s the chef, owner, a local favorite and quite a character. We loved our long and lingering lunch at Cibrèo Caffè. Order whatever they recommend, but don’t miss the antipasti plate to start and whatever crostata is in season for dessert!



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  • Niki - Hi Linsey,
    That was a great way to start my day!
    I hope to see you on dey in Paris, but i it sure what a great staying in italy!
    Thank you for those beautiful pictures.
    Love and beauty,


  • Patti - Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. I’m happy that your family had this time together.ReplyCancel

  • katey - I was there when I was 19 and it is a beautiful city. I have wished to return but haven’t yet. Your pictures are gorgeous. Brings back many memories. I am glad you enjoyed the trip. Home is always better when returning from a trip.ReplyCancel

  • Julie - Wow Linsey! Such beauty… you captured it so well. I love how you write that beauty is God’s love language. That resonates deeply with what’s in my heart – I believe that too! So happy for you to have made such wonderful memories with your family. I’m sure you’ll treasure them always. Welcome home! ~julieReplyCancel

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