My Healing Spot

Hello Beauties! How are YOU today? I wish you could sit right here and tell me.


This chair looks so much better with a friend sitting in it!

I’ve gotten a little bored with my spot on the couch, so I reached for my camera today. Anyone who takes this many photos from her couch is obviously a little mobility challenged. {And bored!} I may not have much of an outdoor view from here, but there’s still some beauty amidst the broken!


These flowers from a friend changed my view for the better!

This is one of the few places in our house that doesn’t have a pasture view. To keep things interesting, I change directions a few times a day. How’s that for exciting?!!? Soon, I may need a friend to come over and flip and fluff all these pillows…just to make it feel fresh again. And thank goodness for slipcovers! I’m already dreaming of washing all these slips when my ankle heals. {The things a recovering perfectionist dreams about! Ha!}


I rarely blog about house things anymore, but for anyone wants to know: Quatrine is my favorite slipcovered furniture shop. My house is filled with their furniture…purchased little by little over time. Their custom welt and skirt details make their pieces feel extra special. It’s pricey, but they have great sales and their stuff lasts. This couch is nearly 17 years old! Here’s a cleaner view:


So now that you’ve gotten a little peek at my spot on the couch, I know you’re dying to see the clutter on my coffee table! These are the things that are helping me in my healing. And thanks to my sweet family and friends, what’s on the table changes up depending on what people bring me while I just sit here, still as a board. {I was going to say, “still as a mouse,” but they aren’t so still…just quiet.}




Aside from the broken ankle, my spot is pretty awesome! 





And because my family knows I can’t live without it, here’s some of the beauty they’ve brought in from around the farm: fresh herbs, Limelight hydrangeas and a surprise passion flower growing wildly in the brush.




So there you have it: a little tour of my healing spot on the couch in a room without much of a view, but plenty of goodness. It’s not easy to sit here all day. And even harder knowing it won’t end for awhile, but the truth is, I have so many reasons to give thanks…and so many moments of beauty in the brokenness.

With a thankful heart,

Linsey signature 100pix

P.S. If I’m going to sit still for so long, you can bet I’m going to do a little research and figure out if there’s anything I can do to help the healing process. “How To Speed Fracture Healing” is the article I liked best…maybe because it makes me feel like there’s something I can do while sitting here. I may not eat 6,000 calories while sitting on a couch all day, but I’m all in with the supplements, my husband’s favorite sports injury cream and several hours a day of micro-current therapy. {My husband uses this therapy in his sports injury practice; we’ll see if it speeds bone healing.}



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  • Gracia @ Gracious Offering - Linsey, looks like you are reading some good books and getting a lot of TLC from your family. Hard to know why God slows us down some times but He always has a purpose for us. May you continue to find beauty and joy in each day as you heal. Praying for you. Warmly, GraciaReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - Linsey- so sorry for your broken ankle! I will be praying for your quick recovery! Blessings! SuzanneReplyCancel

  • Kathy - I think I may be experiencing some of the same things right now. I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme and my energy has left me, which means I spend my days in bed focusing on getting better, leaving my ‘normal’ life in God’s hands, and trying to allow myself help from wonderful friends reaching out to me. Normally I am the one taking care of others! This is SO frustrating to me! However, this time is an opportunity to evaluate my ‘normal’ life and ask God to show me what changes need to be made.ReplyCancel

  • tara - so sorry to hear about your broken ankle….praying for perfect healing.

    saw your supplements…i use designs for health..LOVE them!ReplyCancel