Saying Yes To Life

Sometimes being a Bravehearted Beauty means saying YES to life when your first thought was NO. It means surrendering the plan and embracing the mess, not because you crave chaos, but because you long for MORE LIFE. And sometimes, saying yes to the messy and unexpected is the way to more life.


My girls are still shocked that I said yes to four new baby chicks this weekend. The plan was to wait until summer. The plan was to go to the Farmer’s Market, not the Farmer’s C0-op. The plan was to get a handle on some of the current messes {the puppy, the clutter, the chicken poop on the porch, the dishes and laundry I keep ignoring} before welcoming more mess. But who could resist saying yes to more life when it looks like this?



My girls keep thanking me and telling me how much I’ve changed since we left Houston. I’m so touched by what they notice. It hasn’t been easy for me to give up control, order, predictability and familiarity, but I know it’s been good…for me and for my family. It takes a brave heart to say yes to the mess of life, but the beauty that follows is always worth it.

How about you, sweet friends? How are you saying yes to life today?

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  • Dianne - You certainly did the right thing. Those chicks are adorable. WHAT WONDERFUL MEMORIES YOUR CHILDREN WILL HAVE AS ADULTS. THAT FARM IS PURE HEAVEN!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Dear Linsey, thank you for your heart, your sharing these words. I want to say yes to play and kindness. Today is the first day of our spring break, and on these weeks I can struggle with the balance of work responsibilities and the joy of family. I want to seem Him and trust His plans for me, His schedule. Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - Oh, Jennifer, I want to say yes to play, too. I told our mutual friend Abbey that I need to take lessons from her in playfulness. It doesn’t come naturally to me at all. Thank you for using that word today. I needed it. May there be unexpected playfulness in your spirit and in your week. xoReplyCancel

  • Gracia of Gracious Offering - Linsey,
    Good for you! Your girls will have such wonderful memories of these years…when Mom said “yes” to new baby chicks!
    Today I’m saying “yes” to letting go of worry about my husband’s lack of work and the resulting financial strain. Clinging to Eph 3:20, “Now unto Him who is able to do exceeding more than we ask or imagine…” Happy Monday to you! Beautiful photographs once again! I dream of attending one of your Beauty Hunting retreats some day:).ReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - Gracia, Ephesians 3:20 is a constant prayer of mine. My imagination is so limited. He can always do MORE than I can ask or think. You are saying yes in a faithful way. Blessings to you in your yes.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer G - Oh how timely this post is for me! I just said “yes” to a mess of my own. (Mine does not, however, involve any sort of farm animal!) I’m nervous but excited about this next chapter in my life and so grateful that God is giving me the opportunity to get messy. XOReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - Jennifer! Proud of you! Sometimes I wonder why it had to take so long to learn to embrace the mess. Only God knows! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Well, so far today I’ve said yes to cleaning up messes and unloading the dishwasher and the responsibilities of homeschooling… 😉 But I’ve also said yes to working extra hard on schooling today so that we can prepare for a light and fun day on Friday. Break’s over now. Time to get to work!
    P.S. Those are the sweetest little chicks. Makes me wish I could live in your shoes for just a day and enjoy their cuteness!ReplyCancel

  • tara - we’ve been on similar know this already.
    my kids and Andy notice the transformation, too. [praise JESUS!}

    how am i saying yes to life today?
    i stopped long enough to soak in God’s truth…it makes all the difference in living life abundantly, through the lens of his truth.

    love you friend.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Oh how cute! I can’t wait until we can move to the country and get some chickens. Until then, I guess I will live vicariously through you! 😉
    Trying to say yes to life and live life abundantly!ReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - The good news is, we can say yes to life in the city and in the country! Where we are doesn’t matter as much as where our heart is.ReplyCancel

  • Julie - Hi Linsey! I love your blog, your writing, your call to embrace the life God has blessed us with to the full! My friend, Lori, sent me to your blog months ago and I’m so glad she did!

    Thank you for stopping by my new little blog today. So sweet of you.


  • Ruth - Oh Linsey, so loving where you are coming from these days. This embracing the mess took me so much longer to achieve than you. It is so freeing to give up and let God lead the way. Glory days… I still can’t see through my dirty windows, but my heart is clear in God.ReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - You encourage my heart today, Ruth. I sometimes feel frustrated that I spend so many years avoiding my mess and trying to be so perfect, but I need to remember God’s timing is just right. I love that you can’t see through your windows, yet your heart is clear!ReplyCancel

  • katey - I love your new blog name and layout. It looks really nice. I’ve thought about you and have been meaning to catch up on my reading here with you. I’m glad I did. Yes to mess are what the girls will remember. I know you are loving this wonderful spring that finally made its way here. It’s been amazing. Enjoy! KateyReplyCancel

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