Easter Lambs

Introducing our newest farm babies:


Sweet little lamb sisters.

{I know you’re dying to see pictures, so I’ll save the story for the end.}



Can you stand it?!?!

Some people get pretty new Easter outfits and baskets full of candy; some people get lambs! {I guess we’re officially farmers when we choose lambs over pretty clothes and candy!} I’ve always had a thing for lambs and sheep, but I never imagined I’d someday have my own! When we were dreaming of life on a farm, all I could envision were chickens. And now here we are with chickens, ducks, livestock guardian dogs, a sheep herding dog, barn cats, lambs and baby turkeys {the turkeys are my husband’s project; the only animal we intend to harvest. Not my thing, so I may not photograph them much}.

Here’s the story: on Good Friday, I thought it would be fun to visit a local sheep farm. Just to see the lambs and learn about sheep in case we wanted to add them to our farm in a year or two. No more newness; time to settle into what we’ve got. But when I saw these sweet little lambs, I couldn’t resist. Not in a “I can’t say no” kind of way. But in a “this just feels right” kind of way. Being around the sheep made me feel alive. And I’m all about saying yes to life these days!

So while my husband was talking with John about tractors, tools and other farm stuff, I was asking Abby if we could buy any of her lambs as pets…thinking she’d tell us next year. And she did at first, but as I watched the lambs, I just had to ask if there was a way we could buy some right now. When she said yes, I looked at the girls, saw their shock and excitement over my spontaneity, then broke the news to JD. I’m sure in that moment he had to wonder who I had become. What happened to the girl who has to overthink everything and talks herself out of most things? What happened to the girl who has a plan, sticks to it and doesn’t embrace unexpected change and newness? Well, I’m not that girl anymore. I’m a Bravehearted Beauty. And I think my family likes it!

As I look back over my life, the craziest decisions I’ve made {saying yes to JD after only knowing him for 2 1/2 months; leaving Enron when my career and earning potential looked so promising; moving to a small farm in Franklin when I thought I’d spend my entire life in Houston} have all been leaps of faith that led to more life. And as my daughter pointed out, when I’m feeling fear that I’ve lost my mind and have gone crazy, I’m usually right where God wants me. He always does something good in that place.

So on Saturday, we said yes to more life and brought these two little lamb sisters home. Hysterical that they rode in the back of the jeep! And here we are, learning as we go. A total crash course in raising sheep! And let me tell you, they are the sweetest things on the planet! When I enter the barnyard, they come leaping and bounding toward me with the sweetest little “maaaaa” sound. They follow me wherever I go and lean into my legs like little children. {I’m dirtier than I’ve ever been, by the way. Another layer of my obsession with cleanliness stripped away!}

Our farm was meant to have sheep. How do I know apart from the deep feeling of peace and joy I felt in my spirit when I saw them? The name of our farm is Ten 10 Farm, after John 10:10. {I have come that you might have life and have it to the full!} When I came home from the sheep farm on Good Friday, I read the entire chapter of John 10 aloud. It’s all about the sheep and the shepherd. So of course we need sheep on Ten 10 Farm!

We think their names are Lily and Lavender. Lily for the Easter Lily, and Lavender because I love all things lavender. {We have dreams of growing it here someday.} Calling out “Lavender” sounds a little funny right now. Though we mostly just call out “girls” and they come running!

Yes to life, my friends. Yes to life!

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  • Dianne - Good for you! They are adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - Ahhh Linsey…what a glorious story. It’s so full of joy and that makes me so happy for you and your family. Joy…joy…joy! You so deserve it!ReplyCancel

  • Angela - Linsey, I laughed so hard when I read how you went to the sheep farm because you thought it would be “fun”. I knew where this was going and I have to admit that I was a little excited to know that in addition to the beautiful Buddy and Bella photos, I will be seeing precious sheep! I cannot get enough of their sweet faces!
    You know what? I think I enjoy this kind of beauty over an interior design post any day!ReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - Angela, what joy to know that you just might be enjoying this kind of beauty even more than the interior design kind. Me, too! Even though I still love beautiful design. There’s just something so LIFE GIVING to this kind of beauty! I have a feeling you’ll see as much of these babies as you do Buddy and Bella.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness gracious! They are so sweet. I am in love. I want to come spend a weekend with you on the farm. I want to be happy, sunkissed, dirty and tired. In one of my latest Bible study lessons, my precious teacher reminded that we are designed for comfort–to be comforted by Him–and he LONGS to comfort us. But he can only comfort us when we’re uncomfortable. And, our flesh longs to be comfortable, not COMFORTED. Be comforted by Him–in all the wondrous glory–as he leads you! Little Lamb Linsey–with love! AReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - Sweet friend. I want to be just like these little lambs…trusting my Shepherd for every good and perfect thing. So about that weekend you want to spend here…tell me when!ReplyCancel

  • katey - They are so wonderful. I love them. I love all the wonderful comparisons Christians have to sheep and so to have them and get so see their sweet personalities I am sure you are blessed incredibly everyday. Thanks so much for sharing. kateyReplyCancel

  • Jane B - It is meant to be… ;0)

  • Lexi - What a BEAUTIFUL post! The lambs are adorable but the LIGHT we can hear in your VOICE is AMAZING! So happy for you and your family to be able to get to experience life to the fullest. Thank you for continuing to share your story with us, it means so much.ReplyCancel

  • Gracia @ Gracious Offering - Linsey,
    So fun to hear the whole story of how the lamb girls became part of your farm! And, I couldn’t be happier about the names you chose:). My favorite “picture” of Jesus is my mind has always been as the shepherd. From infancy, my mother sang “Jesus Tender Shepherd Hear Me, Guide thy little lamb tonight, Throught the darkness be thou near me, keep me safe till morning light” to me almost every night.
    Enjoy your little lambs!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth - Embracing what God has promised. Lambs how DEVINEReplyCancel

  • Amy Avery - Oh Linsey these lambs are so sweet! I love that they are such a tangible symbol of the shepherd and that they have been added to Ten 10 Farm! I believe God gives us these gifts to affirm us and guide us along our faith journey. I love how you are saying “yes” to life! His light shines brightly in you my friend! Have such a wonderful time with these sweet babies!ReplyCancel

  • Wanda wright - I love the photos of your sheep. I’m a Franklin artist and one of my favorite subjects is sheep. I just know I’m going to enjoy your blog.ReplyCancel

  • Amy - All I have to say is how happy I am for you…in so many ways, in so many areas…I am happy for my friend.ReplyCancel

  • paige - oh linsey girl…i LOVELVOELOVE this!!
    saw their image on fb and they’re perfect for ten10!!ReplyCancel

  • To Love Is To Be Vulnerable » Bravehearted Beauty - […] my husband’s project…as in, farm to table}, a surprise puppy, and the unexpected Easter lambs. We said yes to life with every animal we added, and I’ll never regret […]ReplyCancel