Behold the Daffodil


Daffodils have come and gone here in Middle Tennessee, but as I look back at these blooms from early March, I see a lesson for our hearts. And I don’t want to miss it. So on this dangerously stormy day in late April, let us behold the daffodil! {As you look at the photos, notice the ground surrounding the blooms.}


My first memory of delighting in daffodils came in college, right here in Nashville on the Vanderbilt campus. Just when I thought I couldn’t endure another day of dreary winter, the bright green leaves of daffodils would push their way through the brown and barren ground. And then came the sunny yellow blooms, like golden trumpets heralding the arrival of spring. Those happy daffodils beamed at me like faces filled with joy as I walked the paths from class to class. Talk about a rescue for my winter-worn heart!


One thing is for sure: looking down has never been so beautiful! And it’s beauty out of barrenness if ever I’ve seen it! Do you see the brown, crushed leaves? The hard packed earth? The lack of life and color? Look to the left of the photo above. Do you see how the dead leaves threaten to hide the daffodil from its intended glory? To shroud it from the light?

Behold the daffodil!


The Bravehearted Beauty is like the daffodil…bravely pushing through the dark until she reaches the light. Courageously lifting her head to the sun {and Son} until her face beams with her intended glory. She fights for life in the midst of barrenness and hunts for beauty in the depths of brokenness.

Oh, brave and beautiful ones, behold the daffodil!


Sweet friends, I bet you’re braver than you know. I bet you’re more beautiful than you can see. I bet if I could behold you in the midst of your story, I’d see that you are very much like the daffodil: a genuine Bravehearted Beauty! It takes courage to burst forth when the ground of your life looks as uninspiring and unwelcoming as dead, dry leaves. It takes a deeply rooted, internal beauty to shine when everything about your circumstances says life is dark and dreary.


Be the daffodil today. Be the Bravehearted Beauty that you are. Say yes to life even if doesn’t look like much today. Let your light shine. Let your beauty grow. Let your glory unfold. This is how we really live. I say YES to life with you today!

With all of my brave and beautiful heart,

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P.S. I’m told these daffodils have been blooming on the edges of our road for over 100 years. No one tends to them. They just do their thing year after year. Isn’t that amazing?!?! Talk about lasting beauty!

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  • Gracia @ Gracious Offering - Linsey, what a lovely and encouraging post! Just this morning I read Col. 1:13, “he rescued us from the dominion of darkness…”…the daffodil is one of those signs that winter (and darkness) do end and He brings light and life and beauty to our lives once again. Blessings and continued beauty hunting to you!ReplyCancel

  • Gail - Lindsey… beautifully said and illustrated, but as brave as one may be it is not in our own strength that we will shine. Just as the daffodil doesn’t grow during that lifeless time of the year on its own…God is the source of life and strength and it is through his Word that we find what we need to be brave and to let God’s glory shine in the middle of our brokenness. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18…we fix our eyes on Jesus.

    Thanks for your thoughtful words and beautiful pictures. God has given you a gift.ReplyCancel

  • Val - Thank you for your post Linsey. There are thousands of miles distanced between us at our computers. I stumbled across your post quite by accident, yet it spoke volumes to me. God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to behold.ReplyCancel

    • Bravehearted Beauty - No accidents in God’s plan, Val. You were meant to be here. 🙂 I love that! And as frustrating and distracting as technology can be, I love that our hearts can connect across thousands of miles. Awesome!ReplyCancel

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